Shark fishing Cocoa Beach Port Canaveral, FL

Captain Tyler Vollmer

Captain Tyler Vollmer was born in Denison, Texas, where he was raised on freshwater fishing for largemouth bass. At the age of 12 his family decided to leave for better times in Florida’s Space Coast. The day Tyler arrived, his father and uncle took him fishing in the Indian River. Ever since then, it’s been in his blood. But it wasn’t until his senior year when he had a major decision to make. He never liked the idea of sitting behind a desk all day and wondering “what if”, so when he graduated he made his decision to become a full time fishing guide. shark fishing cocoa beach port canaveral, fl. sebastian inlet charter boats

Captain Tyler now spends as much time as possible on the water in order to create a better experience for you. He is well respected by many other local captains because of his willingness to share his knowledge and information whenever it is needed. When not on the water you can find Tyler landscaping or jogging. Step aboard with Captain Tyler Vollmer and you can find yourself catching the fish of your dreams!

In an industry dominated by older guides, Capt. Tyler is the next generation of young, energetic and knowledgeable fishing guide serving the Central Florida area. In several short years, he has quickly earned a reputation as an established, and well-respected member of the Central Florida fishing guide community. He brings a work ethic, knowledge of local waters, and easygoing nature that’s sure to make your trip enjoyable. Captain Tyler has shown dedication and drive that we have to keeping the rods bent. Love you Tyler!